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Free advice, for what it's worth

As much as I would like to, I cannot teach you how to write. No one can. But I can teach you how to write better. Guaranteed.

  • While you are writing (or if you have completed a script or manuscript), neither seek nor accept criticism or praise from friends or relatives. They are generally unqualified, uninformed and love you too much to risk hurting your feelings.
  • Regardless if you are just beginning as a writer or you're a seasoned professional, always seek qualified "fresh eyes" to review your work. You will be astounded by how much a fresh perspective can enhance your work.
  • When and if you decide to seek professional advice and assistance for your work (regardless if it's me or anyone else), always—I repeat—always check the credits and references of the instructor or consultant. Do your due diligence; review their bona fides; check their credits on the Internet Movie Database. If the instructor, consultant or analyst has never written, never published, never had a script bought, optioned or filmed, ask what qualifies them to assist you. For a novice or intermediate writer, bad advice is far worse than no advice at all.
  • I offer professional strength analysis and guidance. My fees are high, but not excessive. Time is finite and for the amount of time, energy, creativity and expertise I devote to each and every project, it must be worthwhile to both me and my clients. Others may be cheaper; you get what you pay for.
  • If you really want to write, or write better, do yourself an enormous service and read, Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott. I don't know Ms. Lamott; never met her, and she doesn't pay me a single penny for recommending her book. All I can tell you is it's the best damn book on writing I have ever read. It is the only book I recommend in my classes. Check it out.

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